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this is bitter earthquake weather

and never trust the tenor of the skies

Babylon Wood
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here in this wood where stories twine...

Babylon Wood is something of a fairy tale. Outside of time and between universes, it is ancient and timeless... and sentient. It's an incredibly magical place, home to monsters and fairies, and you could probably get anything you wanted here, but you might have to bargain away your soul to do it.

Once, centuries ago, the Wood pulled people out of their universes at a crossroads in their lives. While a person remained in the Wood, they would be given a chance to consider their story - because here, that's all anyone's life is - and maybe change in such a way that when they left, they would find a happier ending than was meant for them before. For others, events in the Wood led them astray, and their story took a darker turn. Babylon Wood is equal parts good and mischievous, helpful and self-serving, and how it turns out for anyone very much depends on the individual.

At that time, the Wood was a brighter, safer place - not free of its dangers, but also not without its places of sanctuary. And then, a hundred years ago, something terrible happened. No one will speak of it anymore, if they even remember, but quite a lot of blood was shed, the Arch where outsiders entered and left the Wood was broken, and the spirit of the Wood somehow fell dormant.

Now, the Wood is darker and much more dangerous than it once was. The forest has overtaken the places that once sheltered wanderers, and those who actually call the Wood home have grown suspicious of others and often fiercely protective of their territory. And no one new has come to the Wood since the Arch was broken - until now.

choose your way with care, for the rose owl lies...
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this story has been told before...

Babylon Wood is a roleplaying game inspired by the music of Seanan McGuire, particularly the song Earthquake Weather. We make no claim to Seanan's music, characters, or magic forest, and no profit at all is being made from this game.